My teaching experience includes graduate seminars, undergraduate lecture courses, and undergraduate seminars, representing a broad range of content: Assyriology, religious studies, ancient and modern Middle Eastern history, and language courses (Akkadian, Sumerian).

In addition, I have received extensive training in pedagogy through the Yale Certificate of College Teaching Program and Yale Center for Language Study workshops. At the University of Helsinki, I continued this training as part of the Peer Mentoring in Teaching Pedagogy program. Our group co-wrote an article about our experiences, which was published in December 2018 in the Yliopisto Pedagogiikka/Journal of University Pedagogy.


Identity Crisis class visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Humor in Mesopotamia: Comedic and Satirical Akkadian Texts, Winter 2021

Einführung in das Babylonische I (Introduction to Babylonian I), Winter 2021

Mesopotamian Literature: Akkadian Literary Texts- The Mesopotamian Myth of Etana, Summer 2021

Einführung in das Akkadische II (Introduction to Akkadian II), Summer 2021

Einführung in das Akkadische I (Introduction to Akkadian I), Winter 2020

Einführung in das Studium der Orientalistik (Introduction to Near Eastern Studies), Co-Lecturer, University of Vienna (Winter 2020, Winter 2021)

Ancient Near Eastern History and Culture I: Early Periods, Co-Lecturer, University of Vienna (Fall 2020)

Advanced Akkadian Seminar: The Neo-Assyrian Empire: History and Sources, Instructor, University of Vienna (Fall 2019)

Graduate Writing Clinic: Academic Writing in Theology and Biblical Studies, Instructor, University of Helsinki (Fall 2017)

Prophetic and Apocalyptic Voices A, Lecturer, Fairfield University (Fall 2016)

Prophetic and Apocalyptic Voices B, Lecturer, Fairfield University (Fall 2016)

Identity Crisis: The Politics, Privileges, and Perils of Reclaiming Ancient Heritage in the Contemporary Middle East, Instructor, Yale University (Spring 2016)

CSYC_340_Flyer-1Women in the Bible A, Lecturer, Fairfield University (Spring 2016)

Women in the Bible B, Lecturer, Fairfield University (Spring 2016)

Elementary Akkadian I, Instructor, Yale University (Fall 2015)

Women in the Bible, Lecturer, Fairfield University (Fall 2015)

Elementary Sumerian II, Instructor, Yale University (Spring 2013)

Elementary Sumerian I, Instructor, Yale University (Fall 2012)


“Ancient Mesopotamia’s Role in Modern Middle Eastern Identity Politics,” Guest Lecture in The Cultural Heritage of the Ancient Near East, University of Helsinki, Instructor: Professor Martti Nissinen (November 7, 2017)

Creation Stories in the Bible and the Ancient Near East: Genesis, Atra-ḫasīs, Enūma eliš, Guest Lecture in All About Eve, Fairfield University, Instructor: Professor Robert Epstein (January 2016)

The Shattered Cradle of Civilization: Destruction of Historical Sites in the Middle East, Guest Lecture in Modern Islamic Movements: Religion, Ideology, and the Rise of Fundamentalism, Trinity College, Instructor: Professor Mareike Koertner (April 2015)



Akkadian I reading Ashurnaṣirpal II’s palace reliefs in the Yale Art Gallery

Introduction to the Modern Middle East (Writing Intensive), Teaching Fellow for Professor Benjamin R. Foster, Yale University (Fall 2011)

The Hero in the Ancient Near East (Writing Intensive), Teaching Fellow for Dr. Kathryn Slanski, Yale University (Fall 2010)