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My chapter is “Divine Foundations: Religion and Assyrian Capital Cities”

Other publications:

“Protecting the King in Mesopotamia in the First Millennium BCE: Perspectives from the Neo-Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian Empires” in Brill’s Companion to Bodyguards in the Ancient Mediterranean (2022), ed. M. Hebblewhite and C. Whately

“Let Praise of Aššur not be Forgotten: Temple Heterarchies and the Limits of Royal Patronage in the Neo-Assyrian Empire,” Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions 21 (2021): 98-129.

“Everything Must Go: Consequences of State Projects and Controlling the Levant for the Eanna Temple (591-590 BCE),” Altorientalische Forschungen 48.1 (2021): 159-187. For the photo of the tablet edited in this publication, see this Yale Babylonian Collection entry.

“All That Glitters: The Ideology of Gold in the Neo-Assyrian Empire,” Kaskal 16 (2019): 409-30.

“Destination Eanna: Cultic Assemblies Visiting Uruk During the Neo-Babylonian Period,” co-authored: S. Zaia and R. Cauchi, Akkadica 140.2 (2019): 161-178.

“Kings, Priests, and Power in the Neo-Assyrian Period.” Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions 19.1-2 (2019): 152–169.

“Another attestation of Basiya, son of Ariḫ, a Judean Merchant in Sippar (NABU 2019 no. 3)”

“Going Native: Šamaš-šuma-ukīn, Assyrian King of Babylon” Iraq (2019)

“Another Exemplar of Esarhaddon’s Uruk B Cylinder (NBC 2511).” Journal of Cuneiform Studies 71 (2019): 153-57.

For the museum entry for this object, see the Yale Babylonian Collection.

“Aššur and His Friends: A Language Technological Analysis of Neo-Assyrian Texts,” co-authored: T. Alstola, S. Zaia, K. Lindén, H. Jauhiainen, A. Sahala, and S. Svärd, Journal of Cuneiform Studies 71 (2019): 159-80. 

“Adad in Assyria: Royal Authority in the Neo-Assyrian Period” State Archives of Assyria Bulletin XXIV (2018)

“My Brother’s Keeper: Assurbanipal versus Šamaš-šuma-ukīn” Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History 6.1 (2019): 19-52.

“How To (Not) Be King: Negotiating the Limits of Power Within the Assyrian Political Hierarchy.” Journal of Near Eastern Studies 77.2: 207-17 (2018)

“Edition of VAT 10220 + VAT 10249 (CCP 6.2.7.B)” Cuneiform Commentaries Project (June 2018)

“Antiquarianism for Fun and Profit: Financing Your (God’s) Home in Ancient Mesopotamia” Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions Blog (University of Helsinki) (April 2018)

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“State-Sponsored Sacrilege: Omission in the Neo-Assyrian Records of Godnapping.” Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History 2.1 (2015).

“Kaupunkien tuho muinaisessa Lähi-idässä” (“City Destruction: Crisis and Response,” in Finnish) co-author with S. Fink, G. Konstantopoulos, A. Nõmmik, and S. Saari in Kiveen Hakattu? Pyhät tekstit ja perinteet muutoksessa (Carved in Stone? Sacred Texts and Traditions in Change), eds. Martti Nissinen and Leena Vähäkylä, Gaudeamus (2018)